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Today's reality is one where managers of small to medium businesses have little time to invest on non-key issues, such as the proper development a corporate online presence.

Big businesses on the other hand have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in an outsourced presence, which gives them an edge when it comes to the net.

Unlike "shake 'n bake" hosting solutions, limited to pre-packaged services, we believe that the personalized configuration of your requirements (even if they are minimal), will help differentiate your corporate presence from the rest.

Such personalization may come in the form of providing services that are typically not found in C$10/mth to C$40/mth hosting environments. The nature of such services will obviously depend on your requirements, but if you can think about them, they exist and we can implement them for you.

If you also believe that the look & feel of your online presence could be improved through better design & layout, our team of designers and programmers is at your disposal. Simply contact us for more details.