::::: Domain Name Services (DNS) :::::

Your current web, mail and FTP services are setup using the traditional notations along with your domain name(s): www.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com & ftp.yourdomain.com.

If you own more than one domain name (such as www.widgets.com and www.company.com) or if you would like to add services under different prefixes (such as shop.yourdomain.com or forums.yourdomain.com), please contact us and we will add the necessary DNS and Apache configuration entries to our records, in order to enable such services.

For example:

Domain name and/or domain prefix requested: shop.mydomain.com
This address should point to the following
directory in my user account:
My user login:


My user password:

• • • • • •

To request DNS changes, please go to our User Services section.