::::: Team :::::

Our first asset is our team :

From basic hosting to complete site design, implementation, maintenance and integration with legacy data systems, you have a team of experts at your service. We can cover all the critical aspects of a successful web development strategy :

  • Server set-up and maintenance,
  • Network maintenance,
  • Apache administration,
  • Mail administration,
  • XML & Java scripting,
  • SQL database integration,
  • Perl, shell, PHP and asp programming,
  • Copy writing
  • Photoshop and Illustrator design and
  • Flash module creation.

Our second asset is our technology :

Servers run based on a combination of hardware & software. Below is a quick overview of our approach to both :

Web servers require bandwidth and processing power.

Corporate Hosting does not resell hosting purchased through third parties, unlike what many "service providers" do to have a presence on the marketplace. We own, run and maintain our hardware and do not oversell our bandwidth.

Our bandwidth is guaranteed by leased lines from one of Canada's best fibre networks (gt.ca). GT is a tier-one ISP.

All routing is handled by Cisco routers.

Processing power is guaranteed by Pentium IV servers running at 2Ghz and beyond, with Gigabytes of RAM and Ultra 160 SCSI media & backup devices.

Security is key, so all our data is backed up daily and protected from unwanted intrusions.

All servers and routing equipment are protected against outages by back up UPS.

  Linux: trust no other when it comes to performance in networking, security and reliability.

Our core servers run on Linux, the most powerful operating system for the internet generation.

Linux may not have the user-friendliness of other operating systems, but that's not your concern: we run the back-office show, whether you're on virtual or dedicated hosting. You may use any operating system of your choice to access our servers, such as Windows or Mac OS.

All our web services (daemons) run on proven and secure software, such as Apache and Qmail, used by companies such as Yahoo, the Nyse, Federal banks, the government and many more institutions.

We can also provide NT/IIS servers for ASP and Windows® oriented sites.