Web Upload your web site and make it available to the rest of the world in a professional manner.
  Parse files within your web pages (this is the most basic form of dynamism in a web site).
  Add scripts that can add various levels of interactivity to your website.
  Protect sections of your web site with password or domain authentication (or both).
  Using PHP in your web pages.
  Access MySQL through PHP.
  Set up discussion forums or a "virtual community" in a sub-section of your website.
  e-Commerce Set up an e-commerce web site or sub-site (such as store.yourcompany.com).
  Set up an ht://Dig search engine on your website.
  Banners Add banners to bring traffic to specific pages of your website.
  SSL Set up a secure section on your website (encrypted with 128bit technology).

Domain Name Set-up

Add, edit or remove domain names and sub-domains pointing to specific locations within your account.
Email Account Configuration Set up Outlook or Outlook Express to send and receive emails.

Outlook Configuration

Mac Mail Configuration

iPhone Configuration

Use our server to send and receive emails.
  Webmail Read and compose emails using your web browser.
Spam Prevention How to prevent spam-mail from reaching your account.
  Qmailadmin Email set-up & administration, including aliases, forwarding, vacation messages, etc.
Mailing Lists

Mailing List Distribution

Set-up automated mailing lists for 10 or 10,000 users.
FTP Virtual FTP Users Allow users to access specific folders in your account via the FTP protocol.

For any questions beyond basic set-up or if you require specific services, please contact us at .