::::: e-Commerce :::::

e-Commerce is the buzz of the internet, but its implementation comes in many forms - often quite poor.

We can offer open source, licensed or even custom built solutions that will give your company access to online sales in a highly secure environment.

Your online store can be 100% sales driven (your site's portal is your e-commerce store's portal), or your e-commerce content can be integrated in a more complex site, which also features non sales driven sections (such as product support, discussion forums, etc.).

The success of your e-Commerce strategy will invariably depend on what you sell and the mix of sales and non-sales driven content visitors can access, along with a proper exposure strategy to put your site on the "map".

We encourage you to consult us if you intent to embark on such a strategy. We will ensure that you stay within budget and that your expectations are met, regardless of where you set the bar!