::::: iPhone Configuration :::::

To send and receive mail, please use the following server settings.

IMPORTANT: To avoid un-necessary connections and to improve your phone's battery life, set your phone to check for new mail every 10 minutes or more (i.e. every 30mn is best)

Creating your Account

  • Select Other

iPhone - Account Selection

Enter your full name, email address and give the account a description.

iPhone - Email setup

Use the incoming parameters below.

  • Use your email address and password.

iPhone - Incoming Small

iPhone - Email Incoming Type

Use the outgoing parameters below

  • Use your email address and password.

iPhone outgoing (SMTP) settings

iPhone Outgoing SMTP settings - with secure SSL setup

Your operator may also provide an SMTP server for outgoing emails.

  • It can ususally be found under Outgoing Mail Server.