::::: Qmail Admin :::::

Our mail server runs on Qmail, the internet's most secure and most reliable Mail Transport Agent (MTA). You can manage parameters of your email account in Qmailadmin, a module that interfaces with Qmail's basic user functions.

To login to Qmailadmin, simply go to http://webmail.chost.ca/cgi-bin/qmailadmin and enter your email prefix (ex: joe.smith) in the User Account field, your domain name (ex: yourcompany.com) in the Domain Name field and your email password.

There is also a link to Qmailadmin on the webmail login window.

Once you are in Qmailadmin, you will be able to see your current mail usage and modify important parameters, such as your email password, your forwarding parameters (if any), your vacation message (if you intend to be out of the office for a while), etc..

If you have any questions concerning some of Qmailadmin's features, please contact us.