::::: Spam Prevention :::::

Spam mail is perhaps the most annoying thing on the internet today. In order to prevent spam from reaching our users, corporatehosting has implemented a powerful anti-spam engine on its email server: spamassassin.

Taking advantage of this feature requires no action on your behalf - it is enabled by default.

The spam engine flags all incoming e-mails it judges to be spam with special tags and a modified subject (to include the [SPAM MAIL] mention). This engine also "learns as it goes", making it able to catch the latest tricks used by spammers on the internet.

Emails identified as spam will still reach you, but they will be clearly labeled as spam:

  • By creating filter in your email client for messages containing [SPAM MAIL] in the subject, you can avoid 95% of spam.

  • The advantage of not deleting spam before it reaches you is to avoid inadvertently deleting legitimate emails identified as spam because of the information they contain.

Configuration for different Email Clients:

Outlook Express
Outlook Express

for Windows
for Mac