::::: Spam Filtering in Office Outlook :::::

  • Under the Tools menu, select "Rules Wizard..."
  • Click on "New"
  • Select "Start from a blank rule", leave the selection on "Check messages when they arrive"
  • Select "With specific words in the message header" from the list
  • Click on "Specific words" in the box below
  • Type "X-Spam-Status: Yes" (without the "") and click on "Add"
  • Click on "OK" and "Next"
  • Select "Delete it", click "Next"
  • Skip the "Any exceptions" menu by clicking on "Next" again
  • Under "Please specify a name for this rule" leave the name as is and make sure "Turn on this rule" is selected
  • Select the rule and click on "Run now" twice to test it
  • Any Spam messages in your inbox should now have been deleted