::::: Mysql :::::

Mysql is a powerful database environment that allows you to serve dynamic content in PHP enabled web-pages.

Basic web sites do not take advantage of Mysql, but if you would like to manage something a little more complex than static web pages (such as a discussion forum, a user database, an online catalogue, etc.), mysql is the way to go.

Before you jump to Mysql you should do some reading on PHP and Mysql programming.

If you are installing a pre-written program (such as a discussion board) and require Mysql access, contact us with all the details.

If you understand PHP and Myslq programming and would like to have access to a Mysql database on our servers, contact us with all the details.

To access your Mysql database for administrative purposes, we offer the following :

  • phpMyAdmin is a powerful web-based front end to Mysql. We offer phpMyAdmin to all our Mysql users.
  • A remote front end application such as MacSQL for the Mac platform. Note that such an application requires a fixed IP at the user end (in order to be granted access to your database).
  • Shell access. If you require shell access to Mysql, simply contact us and we will forward you all the required parameters.

Sample screen from phpMyAdmin :