cBill is a powerfull sever based sytem that manages accounts, services, billing and your revenue stream.

:: Reaching your full potential ::

If you sell subscriptions, memberships, programming, airtime or other types of services, the sky's the limit when it comes to your full potential. Billing on time, renewing contracts and collecting every dollar you generate can, on the other hand, be a daunting task.

cBill is a server based system that can manage an unlimited number of users, services and billing scenarios (prepaid, postpaid, terms, etc.), while keeping total control over your revenue stream. cBill is based on the same technology banks and utilities use to manage millions of customers.

:: Economies of scale ::

How can you gain by using an intelligent billing system?

The answer is threefold:

  • Time saved keeping and updating records.
  • Keeping track of every dollar owed.
  • Avoiding costly billing mistakes.

:: Platform & Implementation ::

Each cBill installation runs on a secured Unix or Linux server. If you already have dozens, hundreds or thousands of records to manage, we can migrate your data to cBill to ensure a smooth transition (zero downtime).

In addition to increasing you level of efficienty, cBill gives you peace of mind: your data is backed up on an off-site server daily and we keep archives going back 30, 90, 360 days or more if needed. Backed up data can always be retrieved if you accidentaly delete records.

:: Specs & Features ::

For a complete list of specs & features, please refer to our specs & features page.

:: Pricing ::

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page.

:: Demonstration ::

A static demonstration are available. Contact us for a Live demo.